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About Sabai Beauty

Our Story

Help Us Support Local Businesses, Sustainability, Art and the Artist Community.

Our items are produced and shipped from the location closest to you, both to support local labor, and to do our part in counteracting the carbon footprint caused by mass production.

Each item is sustainably made-to-order to avoid the massive waste and destruction of unused products every year by large companies.

Inspired by the Sabai Sabai mentality of the Thai People, Sabai Beauty brings some of Thailand's Philosophy & Culture of Happiness, Comfort & learning to Take it Easy into your home, with high-quality items to brighten up your home and wardrobe.

To help preserve Beautiful Thailand and repair some of the damage from mass tourism, we commit to donate €1 for every purchase made, to rescuing and caring for elephants across the Land of Smiles.

✓ OUR VISION: To bridge the gap between artists and the public while contributing to a greener and kinder earth.

✓ OUR MISSION: To brighten up homes and bodies, with art from the minds of visionaries, and foster beauty from the inside out.

✓ OUR GOALS: To continue to increase our commitment to sustainability. To be able to provide significant support to elephant rescue efforts across Thailand. To offset our carbon emission by planting trees. To collaborate with more artists for your viewing and buying pleasure.